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Air Travel Restrictions

You are allowed two checked in bags at 50lbs each. We recommend weighing the bags on your scale before departure, as the overweight charges can be substancial. You are also allowed one carry on bag that does fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat and one personal item such as a womans purse. You are advised to check with your carrier before departure to see if there are any last minute changes regarding weight charges as they are subject to change.

pack any medications or important items in the carry on bag only--not to be packed in the checked in luggage.

Passport also has to be valid for 6 months after you return from your trip to Africa--so please check that ahead of time. The names on the tickets do have to match the passports exactly also.



The following information must be viewed as a guide only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Specific travel health advice is recommended on an individual basis, taking into account the personal health of the traveler including past and present medical conditions and vaccination history, intended activities, itinerary, style of travel, type of accommodation, time of the year, altitude, length of stay and African company involved.

In many cities you have travel clinics that can provide you with tailor made recommendations taking into account your medical status and overall health.

Traveling to Africa usually involves going into Malaria areas where it is necessary to take recommended anti-malaria medication.

The best advice we can give you is the following:

Access www.cdc.gov/travel and print out the specific health precautions for the country or countries you intend to visit in Africa or any other place. These recommendations are very complete and should be discussed with your personal doctor or a travel clinic to develop a complete list of vaccinations or medicines especially tailored to you.

Getting the most out of your trip to Africa or any other world location means staying healthy – Go prepared.



Taking a trip increases your exposure to potential medical emergencies due to an accident or a sickness. You need to be prepared to handle these emergencies in case they materialize and minimize the financial resources they may require.

It is somewhat similar to owning a home and not having fire insurance. It is not often you have a home fire, but if you do, you have protection from the potential losses.

Custom Travel is not an insurance agent, however, we do provide you with the insurance forms you can use to get excellent coverage from a U.S.A. insurance company that specializes in travel insurance for international travel. Insurance costs are very low in comparison with the cost of your trip and the potential expenses due to unforeseen situations. You can get a comprehensive coverage for a moderate per day cost.

Call us to give more information and we will send you the insurance forms. As a normal practice we include these forms when we mail your tickets.

The insurance agency that we recommend is Travel Guard International. You can directly access the insurance company information through the Travel Guard website.

Travel insurance is highly recommended.