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For the hunter there is no continent in the world that provides the hunting opportunities like Africa. We have the experience not only to provide your air travel, but to give you free information on Africa hunting.

The key to a successful hunt is to work with a knowledgeable outfitter who has access to an area abundant with the wildlife you wish to hunt.

Become familiar with expected weather conditions so you can be prepared with the proper clothing to make your trip more enjoyable and successful. Custom Travel Staff can provide you with the necessary information for a successful hunting experience.


Firearms transportation

FAA and most airline rules require locking your rifles and shotguns in a metal or strong plastic case.

No ammunition is allowed in the same case with your firearms. The ammo permissible by the airlines per person is 11 pounds and it must match the firearms that you are taking. Only one gun per calibre is allowed. You cannot take 2 guns with the same calibre.

The ammo should be packed in your checked in luggage from the US to JNB and in a hard or plastic locked box like a pistol case with the stuffing removed. If possible avoid transporting shotgun ammo. Ask your professional hunter if he can get the ammo you need for your shotgun. Common ammunition is readily available in South Africa, however in other African countries it will be difficult to obtain and if available is quite expensive.

You are allowed two checked in bags at 50lbs each, one would be your gun case We recommend weighing the bags on your scale before departure, as the overweight charges can be substancial. You are also allowed one carry on bag that does fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat and one personal item such as a womans purse. You are advised to check with your carrier before departure to see if there are any last minute changes regarding weight charges as they are subject to change.



We're here to help

Upon completion of securing your air and writing your tickets, we will then mail an informative hunting packet which includes all forms necessary for taking guns over to the country of your destination. This packet is geared towards the hunter and is updated on a regular basis.

If you'd like to get a head start, 

You must fill out the SAP 520 form before you depart the US. The SAP 520 is required for entrance into South Africa with firearms and you should have that with you upon arrival. You must also fill out the US Customs form 4457 for transporting firearms out of the US--for a customs office close to you, please contact us either by phone or email and we can assist you.